Aloha Hawaii

Aloha Hawaii

21 November 2016

Aloha!  Hawaii


It is easy to see why Hawaii is a popular spot for Destination Weddings. Stepping off the aircraft at 5.30 am into the saccharine, balmy air of Honolulu feels like stepping into my bliss.
With its saphire skies, tropical oceans, and the Aloha Spirit engrained in its people, Hawaii has long held a special place in my heart, so it is no surprise to me that arriving in Honolulu is like arriving home.

I take a quick flight straight to Maui, where I am met by a very dear friend and fabulous florist, AnnyHeid We head directly to Ho’okipa and the renown Mama’s Fish House to sample ‘Papa’s Three Fish Sashimi’- freshly caught Ono, Ahi and Kampachi infused with lemongrass, green chili and red Shiso, sprinkled with Kukui nut, Maui pink Sea salt and Molokai black sea

If there is a heaven on earth, then surely, this is it. Although in reality, my purpose here is not to graze the gorgeous gastronomy, nor gaze at the resplendent sunsets.

An early morning hike up the mountainside with my new best friend, Bella, Anny’s dog,

leaves me breathless; not from the hiking, simply watching the sunrise from 4000 feet above sea level on the North Shore of Maui can shift your perspective both emotionally and somatically. The air is infinitely clear and thin.

Anny’s flower farm furnishes her vases with delicate lilac-coloured giant orchids tendering deep, red throats and birds of paradise so regal in their form, popping open their sassy orange plumage to also welcome the morning sun.

A visit to the flower wholesaler proffers us a bounty of unexpected blooms. New Zealand Peonies in dark magenta, black fiddle heads and purple streaked calla lilies complete our cache.
Anny creates bouquets with much love and passion; it is truly delightful to watch her masterpieces unfold.

I am fervent to start our photoshoot on Oahu the following afternoon.

Extraordinary stylist, Jacque Rojas has joined the ‘Dream Team’ artistically crafting hair and make-up on our beautiful model.

Eric Mansperger from L’armour photography is on fire as he captures the essence of the latest gowns in the Jules Bly collection, accented with iridescent fresh water pearl jewels by Bekah-Anne Being surrounded with such creative energy spurs me headlong into a dizzy daydream. I can’t wait to see what has caught Eric’s eye through his lens.

Exemplary weather is the icing on the cake for an epic shoot.

Boutique hotels are fun places to stay. Always friendly and hospitable, The Surfjack, on Lewers, Waikiki doesn’t break that  

Recently refurbished, the retro charm of a mid-century era gone but not forgotten, lays out its warm welcome mat paying homage to the true soul of Waikiki, not the prefabricated version peddled to the masses.

From its groovy little espresso bar to pool side DJ, 10 kilometres round trip run distance to Diamond Head Road lookout and effervescent energy, The Surfjack turned it on.

The completion of my Monday morning appointment to Casablanca Bridals and Formals to show Gladys and her team the Jules Bly 2017 ‘Floating on a Dream’ collection means business is done and some mitigation time for me.

An Air B & B nestled amongst the luscious, tropical greenery of the Palolo Valley is my peaceful retreat for the evening. Late afternoon sun dancing on the nearby stream, wild, whirling winds, Gecko’s chirping their cheeky clicks, a super Super-Moon, light bubbling Rose, freshly shucked oysters drizzled with Japanese Ponzu and a dusting of delicately snipped basil flowers- I can’t think of a better way to bring this trip to faultless conclusion.

Mahalo Hawaii, See you soon!